10 Italian Essentials for your Student Care Package

11 October 2020 || Food and well being

During these uncertain times a student care package is the ideal way to let your loved one know you are thinking about them. This thoughtful yet practical gift provides a much-needed taste of home comfort combined with a luxury twist. Give yourself peace of mind that they are eating well and enjoying a great selection […]

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Italian Liquorice Powder – A Beginner’s Guide

21 October 2018 || Food and well being, Recipes

Steeped in history and dating back to 11th century Calabria, liquorice powder is an inspired choice to add a little taste of Italy to your cooking. At Vorrei, this in demand product is now easily accessible for all to enjoy.Have you ever cooked with liquorice powder? Send us your recipes! Grown in Calabria, ground and […]

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Unexpected Italian Superfoods

11 April 2018 || Food and well being

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the term “superfood” – a name given to mysterious foods that are said to slow down ageing, prevent chronic disease and help you to achieve an overall better quality of health. From chomping on kale, gorging on blueberries through to drinking mysterious spirulina, incorporating superfoods into your diet is […]

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Natural Drinks to Help With Weight Loss

8 February 2018 || Food and well being

It seems the entire world is obsessed with weight loss. There are diet plans all across the internet and shakes, powders, pills, and fad diets that are guaranteed to help you reduce your weight. Nature has provided us with the tools we need to shed unwanted fat, we simply have to know where to look. […]

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The Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

17 January 2018 || Food and well being, Vegetarian

Balsamic vinegar is an original artisan product that hails from Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy. Made from white, sweet grape, it is simmered to a concentrate (known as must) before being left to ferment in wooden barrels: much like wine. The must is moved between different wood barrels over the years of fermentation, so […]

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Superfoods and their Super Powers

1 June 2016 || Food and well being

Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Nothing could be closer to the truth, especially when we talk about Superfoods. But what exactly are Superfoods? They are mostly derived from plants – fruits, berries, spices and seeds which are particularly rich in active ingredients and beneficial nutrients which are good […]

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Staying Healthy and Fit with the Mediterranean Diet

17 February 2016 || Food and well being

The Mediterranean Diet, according to medical and wellness studies, is the best nutritional regime one could possibly follow. Such a diet follows the eating habits of mainly the Italian, Greek and Spanish cultures that tend to consume foods rich in fibres, loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, and prefer using olive oil rather than butter […]

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Fake Italian Food – The Top Six

6 March 2015 || Food and well being

Fake Italian Food – A €60 Billion Industry Italy is of course famous across the globe for its cuisine and fabulous local specialities that everyone loves. But did you know that according to recent research, Italian food is the most imitated and faked in the world? From China to the United States, hundreds of Italian […]

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Organic food – What are the benefits?

3 November 2020 || Food and well being, Organic

At Vorrei we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality, natural, tasty Italian produce. From the very beginning, we have been advocates of organic food and many of the products we sell whether individually or in hampers are organic. As the demand and interest grows, we look at what being organic actually means […]

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Anchovies – Why you need them in your diet!

18 February 2019 || Food and well being, Recipes

When you think of ‘superfoods’, kale, goji berries or chia seeds probably come to mind; maybe you don’t immediately think of humble anchovies .. yet they are in fact a superfood, boasting a myriad of incredible health benefits. What’s more, they can be easily incorporated into your diet in a variety of different delicious ways. Packed with […]

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Porcini Mushrooms: Health Food of the Year

4 March 2018 || Food and well being, Recipes

Due to their myriad of health benefits, mushrooms (particularly porcini mushrooms) are set to become 2018’s biggest superfood trend. In fact, we are predicted to spend more than £35 billion on mushrooms over the next seven years, and here’s why. A recent study found that mushrooms contain remarkably high amounts of two antioxidants: ergothioneine and […]

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Introducing Périgord Truffles

26 January 2018 || Food and well being

It can sometimes be hard to find the positives in winter: grey clouds, dark nights and summer days feeling like a distant memory. At Vorrei, however, we think we’ve found the perfect reason to be happy this winter – and it comes in the form of a truffle! Between the months of December and March, […]

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All About The Smart Food Diet

30 August 2016 || Food and well being

The Smart Food Diet: A Bestselling Book That is Changing The Views of Italians on Nutrition A new book on nutrition written by the Italian journalist Eliana Liotta in collaboration with the head of research of the IEO (European Oncology Institute), Pier Giuseppe Pellicci, and the nutritionist who coordinates the Smart Food project at the […]

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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Beware of Imitations

13 April 2016 || Food and well being

With the growing popularity of the Mediterranean Diet, Italian extra virgin olive oil has become the must-have ingredient for a balanced, healthy diet. Everybody wants their own little stock in their pantry and many people around the world are substituting the heavy, saturated fats used for cooking with the lighter choice of extra virgin olive […]

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Reach The Lost Pleasures with the Aphrodisiac Diet

11 February 2016 || Food and well being

Needing a little help in the passion department? Don’t worry! We are here to offer you some natural aphrodisiac remedies. The right combination will help you to prepare an alternative “spicy dinner” for you and your partner that will ensure a very happy ending in the bedroom. So, let’s begin! Put aside the traditional oysters for […]

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Bergamot: The Cool Calabrian Citrus Fruit

28 February 2015 || Eat your way around Italy, Food and well being

Discover the Bergamot! Bergamot are a citrus fruit, greeny yellow in colour, spherical in shape with an unusual and striking bitter taste. They are a type of cross between a lemon and a bitter orange and native to Southern Asia. Commercial growth of this fruit  is virtually confined to the region of Calabria in southern Italy – specifically the province of […]

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