Home Made Bread: Avoid & Solve the Most Common Mistakes

31 May 2019 || Bread

The benefit of making home made bread is that we know exactly what goes into it. Supermarket bought products are often made from extremely refined flour, contain additives that change the appearance and the taste of the bread we buy, as well as preservatives. Not to mention the fact that it comes in unnecessary plastic […]

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Easter Bread with Coloured Eggs

18 March 2016 || Bread, Italian life

Italian Easter Bread Recipe This simple, colourful Italian Easter Bread is a real favourite and is prepared by families across Italy in the days leading up to Holy Week. Children have great fun dying the eggs and decorating this braided loaf. This a soft bread with a light lemon flavour. It goes with everything, from cheese […]

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Caputo Flour: the Complete Guide

21 February 2018 || Bread, Cooking tips

The importance of high quality flour when used in Italian cooking, specifically pizza making, is something that cannot be underestimated. For many, however, knowing what flour to use remains a mystery. After all, how many types can there really be? As one of our most commonly asked questions, therefore, we thought we’d compile a blog […]

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