Our Top 6 Italian Easter Treats

9 March 2021 || Desserts, Easter, Eat your way around Italy, Italian life

Happy Italian Easter! Much less commercialised than in the UK, Italian Easter celebrations focus on food, friends and family. They also focus on the more solemn, religious aspects of the holiday. Like many Italian holidays, Holy Week is characterised by rituals and traditions, and celebrated in many diverse ways across Italy, which reflect the regional differences. […]

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Italian Beach Etiquette – 5 Things You Need To Know!

6 August 2018 || Italian life

Heading to the seaside in Italy this summer? Make sure you read our quick guide to Italian beach etiquette before you go so that you blend in seamlessly with the locals! 1) What to wear  The key word here is ‘glamour’! Many Italian ladies will pack a range of swimwear, pareos, beach dresses, flip flops (often with […]

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Top 10 Italian Love Phrases!

3 February 2017 || Italian life

Somehow everything sounds so much better in Italian, from simple words such as ‘Fagiolino’ (the word for bean) and ‘Stuzzicadenti’ (tooth pick) to the many ways of expressing ‘amore’. You are never too old (or young) to learn Italian, so in honour of Valentine’s Day, here are our top 10 Italian love phrases: 1)   Ti […]

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Italian Street Food Tales: Naples

25 May 2016 || Eat your way around Italy, Italian life

Following on in our series of articles on Italian street food (Street Food in Sicily and Street Food in Florence), it’s time to head to the Campania region, home to one of the most significant cities when it comes to scrumptious food: Naples! Ready, grab your forks…get set…go! Naples Street Food: Neapolitan Pizza and Much […]

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Easter Bread with Coloured Eggs

18 March 2016 || Bread, Italian life

Italian Easter Bread Recipe This simple, colourful Italian Easter Bread is a real favourite and is prepared by families across Italy in the days leading up to Holy Week. Children have great fun dying the eggs and decorating this braided loaf. This a soft bread with a light lemon flavour. It goes with everything, from cheese […]

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Our Top 3 Aperitivi to Make at Home

19 March 2015 || Drinks, Italian life, Wine and Prosecco

3 Easy Italian Aperitivi Recipes Fancy having friends over but don’t have the time to plan and cook a full dinner? Why not invite them for early evening aperitivi? The setting is informal and relaxed and the food is quick, easy to prepare and looks stunning – a platter of  delicious mediterranean olives, sun dried tomatoes and aubergines, a selection […]

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Diamante’s Chilli Pepper Festival

28 February 2015 || Eat your way around Italy, Italian life

Calabrians love peperoncino (chilli pepper), they put it in everything from pasta and risotto to cocktails and ice cream. They believe that chillies bring good luck and scare away the ‘malocchio’ or evil eye and naturally they produce the best and spiciest chillies in Southern Europe. So if a region is qualified to hold an […]

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A Week of Neapolitan Easter Food

3 April 2019 || Eat your way around Italy, Italian life

Neapolitan Easter Food Traditions  The celebration of Easter in Naples is quite an event, combining established religious practices with traditional customs, some of which have pagan origins. Yet, the pivotal part of this holiday for the locals is most certainly the culinary itinerary they will be following! For the typical Neapolitan, food is always an important part of each […]

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Buon Ferragosto!

13 August 2018 || Antipasti, Italian life, Recipes, Side dishes

it’s almost Ferragosto, Italy’s traditional midsummer holiday and families up and down the boot will be preparing for their celebrations – menus for huge Ferragosto meals will have been decided upon and the food will be ready to transport to the nearest beach, park or mountain! Now that most Italians no longer disappear on holiday […]

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Ten Steps to Italian Pasta Perfection

6 March 2018 || Cooking tips, Italian life

Your complete guide for a perfect pasta dish! Perfect Italian pasta doesn’t stick together, it’s not soggy or lukewarm and you definitely shouldn’t add oil to it! Here are our ten tips for making it just like mamma! 1) Your pan should be as large as possible and ideally nice and tall rather than wide. 2) […]

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Italian Street Food Tales: Florence

29 April 2016 || Eat your way around Italy, Italian life

Following our last post on Street Food in Sicily, here is the second in our occasional series about Italian Street Food, and this time we are in Tuscany! Italian Street Food Delicacies from Beautiful Florence Tuscany is home to some of the most famous dishes in Italy and perhaps not one of the places you might think of […]

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12 Ways with Italian Coffee at Home

24 April 2015 || Drinks, Italian life

Savour a rich Italian coffee at home with our 12 serving suggestions! Do you know your caffe macchiato from your ristretto? Your shakerato from your marocchino? We all know that it’s hard to find a bad cup of Italian coffee but did you know how many different ways there are in Italy of drinking this […]

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Aperitivo Time!

16 March 2015 || Drinks, Italian life, Wine and Prosecco

Apart from the sunshine, the people and the pizza, it’s the ritual of ‘Aperitivo time’ that we miss most since moving back to the UK from Rome. The Aperitif hour signals the end of the working day, a moment to relax (usually in the sunshine), drink a glass of something refreshing (generally just the one), with […]

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Italian Food Superstitions – Ten of the best!

6 February 2015 || Italian life

Italian Food Superstitions. Italians are generally very superstitious people (especially the further south you go). They may deny this but even the most logical, sensible Italians seem unable to resist following the many age-old rituals that are such a big part of every day life. Anyone ever placed garlic placed on the television to help their […]

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