Smile and say cheese!…….and we certainly seem to be doing just that; over the years the demand and consumption of cheese has grown worldwide. In 2020 global production of cheese amounted to approximately 21.69 million metric tons and here in UK, 98% of households purchased cheese as a shopping staple. So, is it time to broaden our cheese horizons? Italian cheese in particular is becoming increasingly popular and is renowned for its health benefits as well as delicious taste.

With that in mind we explore just a few of the varied taste bud tingling types of artisan Italian cheese we have to offer at with our 5 Fabulous Formaggi.


Italian Taleggio cheese














Named after the valley of its origin Taleggio cheese is made from cows’ milk with a thin, washed, edible rind. This semi-soft cheese has a strong aroma but a comparatively mild taste making it perfect to blend in with pasta and risotto, with its melt in your mouth feel, it can also be grated on to salads and bruschetta or spread on fresh crusty bread.



Italian Fontina Cheese














A semi-soft, creamy, nutty cheese that is made from cows’ milk from the region of Aosta. Fontina cheese melts evenly and smoothly producing a tangy flavour that enhances many dishes from soup to pasta or sauces. It also provides a delicious topping for a gratin or melted in a fondue.



Italian Pecorino Cheese














Meaning ‘of sheep’ in Italian, Pecorino is generally a crumbly, hard cheese of which many varieties can be found across Italy. It is perfect for grating on to a variety of pasta dishes and as one of Italy’s oldest cheeses it regular features in Italian cuisine. Pecorino is made from 100% ewes’ milk and its strong and tangy flavour can add a kick to any cheeseboard or antipasto.


4.Calabrian Butirro

Italian Calabrian Butirro Cheese















This lesser-known cheese was originally produced as a way to preserve butter. It has an outer layer consisting of solid, semi-seasoned, kneaded-curd cheese made from Podolica cows’ milk whilst hidden inside is a pure, soft and creamy butter. The flowery aroma and sweet, delicate taste of this cheese is a delicious addition to any pasta dish or to include on a plate of appetisers.



Italian calabrian Caciocavallo cheese














Produced throughout southern Italy, Caciocavallo cheese or to give it its literal meaning ‘Cheese on Horseback’ is perfect with a glass of red wine. As the cheese matures the flavour does too. Apparently, the Italians say it is like a man; when it is young it is sweet, when it matures it is spicy! The versatility of this cheese means it can be enjoyed on its own and with age, grated on to salads, pasta and risotto.

At Vorrei we are a great supporter of small, artisan cheese producers from across Italy, enabling us to bring you a wide selection of tempting Italian cheese. Whether you fancy something nutty, fruity or spicy to add to meals, to sauces or to enjoy simply on its own visit our website where you will find something to suite every taste and every occasion.