At Vorrei we are big fans of super hot Italian chilli pepper and we love this Valentine’s recipe for a spicy chocolate fondue with a kick!

Surprise your loved one with a fun Valentines Day gift to share! This is a really easy dessert which can be made very quickly just before you are ready to enjoy it! Just combine two wonderful aphrodisiac ingredients and create a fondue which is sure to please your taste buds and turn up the heat on your Valentines celebrations

You don’t necessarily need a fondue set to be able to make this recipe – just use a ceramic dish to keep the chocolate fondue warm for as long as it lasts!

Ingredients for 2 people

250g quality dark chocolate
100ml fresh cream
Pinch or two of Vorrei’s hot Calabrian chilli pepper powder
Pieces of fresh fruit to dip


Chop or break up the chocolate and place in a dish.

Melt over a pan of hot water (bain marie) and then slowly add the cream and mix in well – don’t boil.

Add a pinch of chilli pepper to taste.

Transfer the chocolate mixture to a fondue set if you have one or a ceramic dish.

Enjoy with the fruit of your choice! We recommend pineapple, papaya, mango or strawberries of course!

Buon San Valentino! Happy Valentines Day!