Natural Drinks to Help With Weight Loss

8 February 2018 || Food and well being

It seems the entire world is obsessed with weight loss. There are diet plans all across the internet and shakes, powders, pills, and fad diets that are guaranteed to help you reduce your weight.

Nature has provided us with the tools we need to shed unwanted fat, we simply have to know where to look. Many of the products that are promoted are highly concentrated forms of caffeine. Caffeine is a great tool to help you feel full, and stay focused. The problem is the efforts to hide the amount of caffeine that is in your drink. Teas and coffees contain sufficient amounts of caffeine to help you be aware and to curb your appetite. However, drinking more than 4 cups in a day can give you a jittery feeling. So be responsible for your consumption.

What can I drink to help with weight loss?

Below, we will tell you about some great drinks that will help with weight loss. Yes, caffeine is part of the process. Caffeine is used as a tool. If used properly, it is a great tool.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea boosts your metabolism and it suppresses your hunger. When compared to people who drink water studies show, green tea drinkers (eating the same amount of calories) lose an average of 6-pounds more fat.

Another benefit is green tea is loaded with antioxidants. If you drink it freshly brewed, and do not load it down with honey or sugar, it is very good for your health.


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Many of us head straight for the coffee brewer as soon as our feet hit the floor. Coffee is provided at offices for workers to enjoy and stay alert. It is available at every restaurant, service station, and even most doctors offices.   

What many people do not realise is this drink does more than just give us the metabolic boosts we are looking for. It actually performs better in your workouts. In a study done by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical fitness, it was reported that coffee drinkers could exercise 20% longer than non-coffee drinkers, burning more calories.

It is important to note that all coffees are not created equally. Fresh coffee (that you grind yourself if possible) tastes better and gives you 100% of the benefits. Over time (days not weeks) coffee loses its flavor and many of its benefits. For more info, check this out.


This sweet tasting tea helps provide your body with the good bacteria needed to assist your body’s natural ability to balance. Research is looking into gut health and how it relates to obesity and weight, Our bodies naturally contain millions of bacteria. It is believed, this has a direct effect on the way we store fat, balance blood sugar, and balance hormones. Stimulating these millions of bacteria makes weight loss easier.  

Turmeric Milk Tea

This is a relatively new drink in weight-loss circles and entirely caffeine free.

It has long been known that warm milk allows people to sleep better and by adding Turmeric to your milk, it may shrink the adipose cells in the body. This reduces inflammation, relieves anxiety, and limits the amount of fat your body can store. An added bonus is Turmeric has a pain-killing property. You wake up feeling more rested, in less pain, and you can control your weight with this simple addition.

Using these tools to assist weight loss and maintain a healthy weight is beneficial to your health. It is recommended that you try them separately, so you will know which drink works best for you.

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