7 Delicious Italian Healthy Dinners for Under £5 Per Person

Would you like to prepare a delicious Italian healthy dinner for the family but without completely draining your pockets? Well, we have some great solutions directly from our website! Be inspired by our meal plans for under £5 per person feeding a flock of four. Here are 7 great ideas: one for every day of the week!!

Monday: Olives, Pasta with Anchovy Garnish and Chocolate Fig Bites

Amatriciana Bellacarne

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Calabrian cracked green olives £4.90

Linguine £2.90

Anchovy garnish (for the pasta) £3.90

Chocolate fig bites £6.50

Total: £18.20 – £4.55 per person

Fixing up your dinner:

For the antipasto all you will have to do is serve the Calabrian Cracked Olives in a small bowl with a couple of toothpicks. A drizzle of fresh olive oil will bring out the flavour in them even more.

For the main dish cook 400 gr of linguine al dente and use the Anchovy Garnish as the pasta condiment. Remember this is quite savoury so do not put salt in when you cook your pasta this time! A spoonful per plate should do the trick!

Finally, for dessert, all you will have to do is open your Chocolate Fig Bites and place them on an inviting dessert platter.

Here you go: A delicious healthy dinner for four for £4.55 each!


Tuesday: Grilled peppers, three colour Strozzapreti with truffle butter

vorrei italian - white truffle

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Chopped grilled peppers £4.90

Three colour strozzapreti £2.90

Truffle butter £5.75

Total: £13.55 – £3.38 per person

Fixing up your dinner:

Heat up the chopped peppers in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, set them on a platter and serve with chargrilled bread.

Cook 400g of pasta al dente (this time WITH salt), drain but keep some of the cooking water aside. Melt the truffle butter (about a spoonful each) with a couple of tbsps of cooking water then add the pasta and mix over the hob.


Wednesday: Sundried Tomatoes, pasta with ‘Nduja and Modica almond chocolate

Alt='vorrei italian pasta with nduja'

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Sundried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil £4.90

Chilli pepper Fileja Pasta £2.90

Nduja spicy spreadable salami £5.50

Modica chocolate with Avola almonds £3.00

Total: £16.30 – £4.07 per person

Fixing up your healthy dinner:

Serve the sundried tomatoes by draining some of the oil before placing them over a bruschetta.

Cook 400g of pasta al dente and season it with the Nduja sauce, which will give it a strong, spicy flavour.

Serve the Modica chocolate by cutting it up roughly and placing it in a bowl. You could serve some Amaretto di Saronno with the chocolate, which goes well with the combination of almond flavours.


Thursday: Porcini mushroom patè, risotto with cheese and Sicilian marzipan fruits

Alt="vorrei italian cheese risotto"

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Porcini mushroom patè £7.50

Risotto mix with four cheeses £5.00

Sicilian marzipan fruits £7.50

Total: £20 – £5 per person.

Fixing up your dinner:

For this healthy dinner you won’t even need a sauce! Just add 50g of butter and some Parmesan to the ingredient list.

For the starter, just spread the Mushroom Patè over bruschetta bread or even crackers.

For the Risotto, simply follow the instructions on the Risotto mix packet then, once it is almost done, add butter and Parmesan cheese to the pot and stir vigorously.

Dessert this time will consist in a Sicilian treat: Marzipan Fruits. You can eat these just out from the box: they are delicious!


Friday: Cetara Anchovies, Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe and Chestnut Cream filled pralines

Alt="vorrei italian cacio e pepe"

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Cetara anchovy fillets £ 2.30

Gragnano bronze die cut spaghetti £ 2.65

Cacio and Pepe sauce £ 5.00

Chocolates filled with chestnut cream £3.00

Total: £ 17.95 – £4.48 per person

Fixing up your dinner:

For your antipasto you will previously toast some pieces of bread and spread a thin layer of butter over them, then you will place an anchovy fillet over each piece and sprinkle with chilli flakes.

Your main dish will be one of the most complicated to make of the Roman cuisine, but we have made it incredibly simple for you! Just cook your 400 gr of pasta al dente and pour the sauce from the jar over it… that’s it! Amazingly tasty!

Your dessert will consist in these delicious, chestnut filled chocolates that can be served right from the beautiful box. Pair them with a Cognac or with a pot of proper Italian coffee: et voilà!


Saturday: Black olive patè with bread sticks or crackers, organic pasta with tuna sauce and Amorosi

Alt="vorrei italian black olive pate with bread sticks"

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Black Olive Patè £ 4.50

Organic Senatore Cappelli fusilli pasta £ 2.90

Tomato pasta sauce with tuna £ 2.30

Amorosi chocolates £ 8.50

Total £ 18.20 – £4.55 per person

Fixing up your healthy dinner:

For your antipasto simply spread the olive patè on crackers or with bread sticks.

Your main will be as easy as it can get! Just cook 400g of pasta al dente and mix in the tuna sauce, gently stirring it over the hob before serving.

Your dessert will look beautiful from its artisanal box containing these delicate, milk chocolate covered fig and almond bites: absolutely mouth-watering!


Sunday:  Tropea Onion Jam, Pasta with Aubergine Sauce and Limoncello Cream Filled Chocolates

Alt="vorrei italian tropea onion jam"

You will need these ingredients from Vorrei:

Tropea Onion Jam £4.90

Gargano Gran Riccioli pasta £2.65

Tomato pasta sauce with aubergines £2.99

Chocolates with Limoncello cream £7.50

Total £18.04 – £4.51 per person

Fixing up your dinner:

This time your starter can be spread on bread but also enjoyed with cheese. Tropea Onion Jam is a sweet onion jam that will taste delicious on almost any cheese so try it on your favourite! We love it with Goat’s cheese.

For your pasta apply the usual simple steps: cook your 400g of Riccioli al dente, then mix them with the delightful aubergine sauce.

Dessert will be lovely Limoncello cream filled delicacies that can be obviously paired up with a Limoncello or Limoncello Cream liqueur. Yum Yum!!


Did you like our ideas for a healthy Italian dinner for under £5? Have you got any suggestions? Go on our website and make your own pairings then share them with us in the comments below!