If you are one of the billion people in the world who need that all-important cup of coffee to kick start your day, then you will be interested to know that there are many benefits to drinking coffee, particularly if it is organic, fair trade Italian coffee! So, if organic coffee isn’t normally on your shopping list, hopefully after reading this it will be!

What makes coffee organic?

When talking about Organic Farming the term can specifically be defined as ‘involving production without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. However, there is so much more to it than that.

Growing coffee beans organically encourages sustainability and multiple crop rotation which helps to prevent erosion and loss of nutrients to the soil. In short, cleaner beans means cleaner land, air and water all of which contributes to the preservation and conservation of wildlife whilst also providing a healthier, safer working environment for farmers and their employees. Organic, Fair Trade Italian coffee does  not cost the earth….in more ways than one.

Organic fair trade coffee beans

And what does Fair Trade mean?

When purchasing organic coffee that is also Fair Trade you are directly advocating a better life for farming families around the world. Not only are the farmers themselves receiving a fairer price for their harvest but the workers are in turn receiving better pay. Empowering farmers in other countries allows them to acquire and develop the business knowledge to be able to compete in a global market therefore enabling them to give back and invest in local community development projects. A win-win situation!

Is organic coffee better for me?

Let’s look at the personal (health) benefits of drinking organic, Fair Trade coffee. Of course, we all know that drinking coffee in moderation can achieve that much-needed boost of energy but if you switch to organic coffee you are also reducing the risk of the ingestion of harmful chemicals and exposure to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. Organic coffee is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, great for boosting your immune system and don’t forget that coffee beans are full of magnesium, zinc and copper but they need that nutritious soil to grow in so you can reap these all-important health benefits.

All in all, farming the organic way is making a huge positive impact. Doing your bit for the workers, for the environment and for your own health by making the switch to Organic and Fair Trade products can make you feel good in so many ways and best of all it simply tastes great.

cup of caffe haiti italian organic fair trade espresso coffee

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