Red Hot Chilli Pepper: The Secret Ingredient To a Long Life

25 January 2017 || Food and well being

Chilli lovers rejoice!

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There’s great news for the red hot chilli pepper lovers among you! Recent studies conducted as part of the National Health Examination Survey III (NHANES) in the US observed more than 16,000 adults over a time span of 18 years and their findings have been fascinating.

They discovered that red hot chilli pepper consumption was associated with a 13 percent lower risk of premature death – despite the fact that the chilli pepper eaters studied were also quite undisciplined in their eating habits and lifestyle – they were not very active, smoked and had low levels of HDL (healthy cholesterol).

People who ate chilli peppers were less likely to die of all causes, but especially stroke and disease.

Why does red hot chilli pepper have such a positive effect on our bodies?

Well, for starters, chilli pepper contains capsaicin, a powerful, highly beneficial chemical substance which determines the level of spice the plant has. This active component was extracted for the first time in the early 1800s but spice and chillies have been used since ancient times to colour, preserve and flavour foods, along with their consumption for medicinal purposes. Capsaicin is commonly used in treating athritis and is an effective painkiller too.

The benefits of chillies

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Chilli peppers have a number of proven beneficial characteristics that make them a wonder food. First of all they are packed full of vitamin A, B and C, which create a protective environment in the body. As we mentioned, capsaicin is the main active substance contained in chilli peppers. This magic ingredient hels to  facilitate blood-flow, making it a natural coronary toner.

Chilli is also a powerful antibacterial which has a positive effect on intestinal flora and a metabolism speeder, favouring weight-loss.

Combined, these highly beneficial properties of chillies help to maintain good health and highly performing body functions contributing to a possible lengthening of the life span. This research backs a previous Chinese study in 2015 and of course the much praised Mediterranean diet includes lots of chilli consumption.

Chillies definitely seem to have it all and just think how much more powerful they would be combined with a healthy lifestyle!

Of course, a red hot chilli pepper based diet may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like a little spice add chillies to your cooking and take advantage of their vibrant colour, taste and life-lengthening powers!!

Why not try some of our recipes which contain hot chillies? We love Calabrian Fileja Pasta in tomato sauce which you can make with our wonderful chilli pepper pasta or perhaps Casanova style spicy Maccheroncini?

Of course there’s no reason why you can’t use chilli to spice up your desserts too! We highly  recommend Chocolate Chilli Mousse – perfect for Valentine’s Day!



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