If you are that type of person that can’t go without a dash of chilli or a sprinkle of hot sauce over every single dish they eat, then keep an eye out for this unbelievable product: chilli jam!

Chilli fans would most definitely add that spark of hotness to basically any kind of food, from meats to pasta to dessert. Even though you can now find chilli in almost anything you desire, there is still that longing for some of us to just add it on the side, for that extra, mouth-wakening kick! Well, chilli jam is truly a game changer: it can give you the versatility chillies, chilli powder or sauce were lacking so far, allowing you to enhance the flavour of your foods while adding consistency and texture.

Essentially, chilli jam is a conserve, made up of sugar, vinegar or lemon and loads of flavourful spices. The twist to it is the addition of chilli peppers, which give it that blazing and tingling effect, changing any dish into a unique sensorial experience! Turning chillies into a jam can be the trick to fancy up a starter or to make your chocolate-fudge cake the showstopper at a dinner party.

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Here’s some foods Italian chilli jam would be just perfect on:

1) Hard and Medium-soft cheese

You have certainly spread some sweet fruit jam or even onion compote on cheese before to contrast that persistent, earthy flavour. How about trying chilli jam this time? The jam texture is perfect to complement the chewiness of the cheese and this way you will be able to give it a slightly hot, but not overwhelming, hint. We love it too on to of a baked Camembert!

2) Bruschetta and Toast

Of course, chilli jam will be amazing on warm, chargrilled bruschetta or even plain, hot toast. You can spread the delicacy over a piece of Italian bread and serve it as an appetizer or as a side to a meat dish. Alternatively, you can toast or even fry strips of multigrain bread and place them on a platter with the chilli jam as a dip in the middle.

3) Hot or cold meat cuts

Chilli jam is great with any kind of meat, from beef to pork to poultry. You can serve it on the side, as a dip for your main course, or you can actually use it as part of the recipe by adding it at the very end of the cooking process. On cold cuts you can just spread it before serving or even better, have your guests take it directly from the jar!

4) Chocolate Dessert

We’re pretty sure you already have tried chilli flavoured chocolate mousses or cakes. So, how about giving an extra twist to a chilli-chocolate dessert by actually adding a chilli jam filling to it? The process is quite simple: following your favourite chocolate-cake recipe, just add a think layer of chilli-jam in the middle. The chilli will be the perfect match for the bitterness of the chocolate. The best recipe to follow might be a Sacher Torte, which already has an apricot jam filling, and substitute that with the chilli jam. However, any spongy, moist chocolate cake will do, and the chilli-jam will be the unexpected surprise any chilli lover will adore!

Here you go: four ways of using your special ingredient to maximize the flavour of your foods. Now, just don’t go and spread it over gelato as well… or maybe!

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